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An exciting new instrumental beats single is set to be released soon!

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Enjoy a preview of rap instrumental beats that I've produced and get inspired!

Emotional soundtracks perfect for any video project.

Instrumental versions available so you can rap or sing over the beat!

New Beats release Weekly

Refresh your repertoire with versatile beats designed over multiple genres –

from Trap & Rap, Techno, Lofi, to Progressive and more.

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My instrumental beats are perfect for artists, content creators, and anyone looking for high-quality music to enhance their projects and are available in a variety of genres including hip-hop, trap, rap, drill type beats, and more.

Plus, my easy-to-read license options make it simple to choose the right one for your needs.

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About Cris Luke

Hi! I am Cristian Migliorelli, born and raised in Rome, better known as Cris Luke.

I am an Italian hip-hop producer. I found success uploading instrumentals beats to the internet in 2020 and I have gained thousands of views on YT, Spotify etc.

In the following years I released many singles and albums.

Since 2020 I created several instrumental playlists on Spotify and the most famous are “Trap & Rap beats freestyle instrumentals” and “Lo-fi Beats”.

All my beats are available for purchase on Beatstars!

Thanks for listening! 

Instrumental beats Cris Luke

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     Looking for the perfect background beat for your next freestyle or vocal recording?

     Look no further than my collection of rap and trap instrumental music.

    Feel the pulse of rap trab music, a fusion of rhythm and soul. Dive into the beat, where every lyric tells a story. Let’s connect through this vibrant sound. Share your details, and let the rhythm of collaboration begin. Together, we’ll create a symphony of success.

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